Easter cleanse


For those of us who may have indulged in an Easter Chocathon,  appleaday is running a repeat of the spring clean-eating week.
This is another Detoxathon 🙂  a 5-day online event.  All about cleaner eating and healthier lifestyle choices to do as a group from 19th-23rd May (or you can join the event, get all the information, recipes, daily email health blogs for that week, but do it at a later date to suit your diary).

What’s it all about?

Five days of gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, stimulant-free foods – with new yummy recipes, and no hunger pangs.  Please note that there are two new recipes to add to the March Detoxathon, but otherwise it is the same event.

What does the Detoxathon include?  

Lead- in sheets explaining the foods to gradually decrease, and those to increase; what to stock up on, what to let go of, what lifestyle tweaks you can be making, what juicer to try out;  all sorts of useful info which will stand you in good stead for the future.

These are emailed 1-2 weeks BEFORE the event so you won’t suffer coffee headaches or alcohol-free scratchy moods.

Also included, and emailed before commencement:  a daily eating plan, delicious recipes for the week, a food shopping list to make life easy for working people…. and daily information about digestive and liver health, emailed by nutritional therapist me (Monica), with relevant questions answered at the end of each day of the 5 day cleanse.

What’s the benefit of doing a ‘group’ event?

Based on past Detoxathons, it has been a real positive being part of a group, sharing the daily thoughts on how you feel, how easy or difficult it is, what you think of the recipes and ‘new’ foods, reading about the highs and lows being experienced…

A group event also helps you to keep on track…

By the last day you can share your newly found energy and those lost pounds…and for those who didn’t do the 1-2 week lead-in… you can talk about the headache you finally got rid of.

Basically, it’s about group support when trying out something which may be totally new to some of you, but perhaps too something you’ve always wanted to try.  With a qualified nutritional  therapist playing mum!

You can of course not share, and just keep to yourself during the whole event 🙂

What does it cost?

£10 per person.  This is a ridiculously low cost born from last year’s personal wish to do a detox with friends so that I would keep on the straight and narrow and not cheat.
It was fun, but a lot of work hence the cost can only be kept low if the group is a minimum of 30.
That way, too, the comments, feedback and daily interaction will naturally be more interesting than doing it, say, with 3 others….

If the Detoxthon does not reach 30 it will be postponed 🙁 So do please share this blog if you have like-minded friends.
The more the merrier.

How do you join?

Anytime from now until 12th May, please email or write on this website’s comment sheet, or facebook ‘monicasappleaday’ and tell me you’d like to take part.
I will then email you payment details together with the lead-in sheets – and you’re away!

The food shopping list and recipes will be emailed to you well in advance so you can stock up if necessary.

The ingredients are mainly vegetable-based, hence not expensive, however if you want to continue eating fish and organic chicken, that is your choice and also fine.
A juicer is a necessary part of it, however a blender would work too.  Note:  this is NOT a juicing-only event.

No red meat, no gluten or dairy, alcohol or sugars will form part of these five days.
A great challenge which happens to be healthy.

The sooner you begin, the easier you’ll find these dietary tweaks, additions and exclusions.

And if it’s weight loss you’re after, then you will lose more lbs if you start as soon as possible, making gradual small changes (do please check out the testimonials on my events & workshops page for more insights).

If you have any questions just email me.  It’s early days but so far we are eleven 🙂

Detoxathon time again

detox-heartAppleaday is running another Detoxathon starting March 24th.    There’s still time to do the guided lead-in to prepare you for the five days of clean-eating.

This is about  discovering the nutrients which support a healthy liver and body detoxification, and about dropping some old habits which are doing your health no favours.  During the event there will be daily emails and facebook postings about specific food benefits and lifestyle tips to make your cleanse successful.

The Detoxothon is not about fasting, nor is it a juice-only ‘diet’, although juices do figure daily in the menu plan, either as snacks or as a breakfast option.

A menu plan, recipes and a shopping list are all provided to make it easier.   There will also be alternative suggestions for some of the daily meal recipes, with a check list of ‘allowable’ foods (new this time to the Detoxathon), in case you want to replace some of the ingredients to suit your palette and diet.

The lead-in sheets are sent prior to the event; they offer a greater store of information than last year’s event, namely how to track your progress using your BMI and Waist:Hip ratio as well as a symptom questionnaire and ‘journaling’;  also in the lead-in are the lists of foods to gradually reduce and increase before the event; some useful online stores to obtain some of the new ingredients as well as recommendations regarding juicers, water filters and ‘greener’ home products…lots of ideas to make the Detoxathon easy and enjoyable.

In order to keep this an affordable, community event the cost is £10 for the 5 days.  For anyone unable to do the full five days (away on holiday…or just too busy at the moment) you can still do the event, receive the emails and see the facebook  posts – but do it when you have 5 clear days.

Joining is easy.  Just email (or call on the mobile below), and I’ll send you the registration form, payment details and lead-in sheets. The menu plan for the days you’ve signed up for, plus the shopping list, can be sent soon after so that you can buy your fresh vegetables, spices and pulses!

There will be daily group emails (plus info on the appleaday facebook page), with health information relevant to a detox, which will also provide a platform for you to share experiences and ideas.

The detoxathon last year had great feedback – weight loss, increased energy levels and less dependence on the daily caffeine and sugar hits!  I’m looking forward to another inspiring group of participants.

Email:  ; mobile 0777 846 5222.  Or leave a comment showing your interest on the appleaday facebook page:  www.facebook.com/monicasappleaday.