How can appleaday help you?

Your Consultation:

Before your consultation I ask you to complete an easy and comprehensive questionnaire, and a week’s food diary to return to my clinic prior to your appointment.  This gives me a great overview of your health story and concerns, plus it results in better use of your consultation time.

During your ninety minute appointment we’ll talk about possible root causes to symptoms, ways to improve your physical and mental well-being and reduce pain or inflammation through better food choices and changes in habits.  I may recommend functional testing (see information below about laboratory tests) as these can throw up new and invaluable information.
Your appointment can either be 1:1 or via skype, FaceTime, Zoom or landline.

Please note:  During these exceptional COVID-19 times I’ll only be working online.  All of us staying safe!  I’m extending a 10% discount for initial consultations as I’m unable to use iridology or body analyses virtually. 

With the aid of various non-invasive diagnostic tools such as iris, hair and tongue analyses I recommend an action plan that is do-able and realistic.

My aim is to make a positive difference to how you’re feeling whether it’s increasing your energy levels, lowering pain, balancing weight or helping improve your overall well being.

This is a long term approach not a quick-fix bandage.

 What does a Consultation include?

  • discussing current diet, lifestyle & symptoms
  • explaining the specific body systems that need support
  • recommending dietary changes and support for you to take future control
  • if relevant, sending a list of foods to increase or those to avoid short-term
  • recipes and a shopping list of foods if requested
  • iris analysis to highlight strengths and challenged organs (only 1:1 consults; please see the section on Iridology
  • recommedning nutrients/supplements or functional testing, if relevant to you

The Cost of your 90 minute consultation is £120.00.

Due to COVID-19, with distancing being recommended, I’m offering skype, FaceTime, Zoom and landline consultations.  Until the end of July the cost of your initial consultation is £100. 
The length of our virtual consultation stays the same even though it won’t include iridology or body analysis.  These form only a very small part of the appointment.

The above-mentioned biochemical functional tests are in kit form, to do in your home.   I have them sent to you and you then pay the lab directly (they send forms in the kit with all details).
These Functional Tests are with laboratories such as Genova Diagnostics, Biolab, Invivo laboratories, a.o.  and can give essential insights regarding health imbalances.
Some common tests: Comprehensive stool analyses, SIBO, Intestinal permeability (leaky gut), Hormones, Nutrient levels, Female health, toxicity testing a.o.  

The Next Step:

  • Free email support between appointments which is relevant to what we discussed during your consultation.
  • I recommend a 45 minute follow-up appointment 4-8 weeks later.  This can be 1:1 although works well virtually.
  • The cost of the 45-50 minute follow-up appointment is £60.00.
    During the current Covid situation, the cost is £50.00. 

Consultation Venues:

Your consultation can take place at my Horton Clinic, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 7EP or by Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

Home visits will be reinstated once these exceptional circumstances end.  I do these only within a 20 klm radius and travel costs are discussed at the time of booking.