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Healthy Cooking Days

Healthy Cooking Workshops:

These workshops are opportunities for you and a small group of like-minded to come together and discover more about the healing benefits of food. 
The cooking day can be themed – see below – or it can incorporate a medley of healthy foods you’d like to increase in your diet.

Everyone prepares and cooks together.  This isn’t a cooking demonstration, it’s a coming together in the kitchen with me sharing my knowledge and all of us preparing and cooking together.

I guide you through new recipes, explaining the nutrients and specific health benefits of the ingredients.  Usually four or five recipes are covered, which you can then enjoy in our kitchen conservatory, surrounded by the green of trees and garden.  

These workshops are ideal for clients who are finding it difficult to change their diets.  New foods and new recipes – a new diet – can be daunting.  This w’shop makes it easy and o-able.  Clients can bring family members along, to encourage support and understanding of their dietary changes.  A feast of flavours to enjoy together, to prove that healthy can indeed be easy and delicious.

The cooking workshops are also for anyone wanting to discover new foods and new ways to prepare and cook.  In the past, people have booked a group w’shop to celebrate a birthday or anniversary.  Cook together, then sit down to enjoy a celebratory lunch or dinner.

I can gear cooking days to foods that are beneficial for certain health conditions, using healing foods for anyone concerned about familial conditions such as diabetes, cardio vascular disease, cancer.

We usually cover 4-6 recipes which are always based on no wheat, no dairy or sugar . They include explainations of the health benefits of the main ingredients.
The day includes a lunch (or dinner) of all the dishes you prepare.  As there may be left-overs,  please bring five small containers with you.

£70pp for 3.5 hours, based on a min of 4 participants. 
This includes a folder of recipes and lunch (or dinner)

The cost for a couple is £130

Cooking themes :  Cooking with Pulses, Moroccan feast, Healthy Take on Thai, Fish for Those Who Don’t, Vegetarian Feast, Salad Days.


Cooking with Teens:

This is an opportunity for a group of three of four children or teens to enjoy a cooking session in my kitchen.  It is usually  2- 2.5 hours long, either on a weekend or your child/teen’s next half term school break

This w’shop covers 3-5 recipes (depending on the speed of the participants!) and includes some easy-to-understand explanations about the healing powers of foods – as well as the ones to eat less of. 

The w’shop is not meant to be a lesson.  It is a way of making the kitchen somewhere a child or teen might want to be; an enjoyable experience in a safe space, learning about the astonishing benefits of ingredients. 

We prepare and cook together, look at labelling, taste some of the herbs growing in my garden and then the group can sit and enjoy the meal together.  A mini health talk for minis or teens!

£50.00 for a minimum of 4.  A 1:1 session is £60