Consultation Testimonials

I saw Monica recently to get dietary advice to manage changes in my hormones and lose some weight that I put on last year during the lockdowns.  After going through my food diary that I kept the week before I saw her  we discussed how I could improve our meals and eat new vegetables and less dairy and meat.  I didn’t realize how many hidden sugars were in the sauces and condiments I use!  It’s early days but I feel like I have a way forward with my file of notes and recipes she gave me.  I’m so glad we met on her recent trip to Scotland, and would highly recommend her.

Karen S, Fife, Scotland 2021

I saw Monica because I’d been having pain and bloating for almost two years.  She recommended a digestive test, GI effects, to find out if I have any stomach infections which might be causing my symptoms.  It turns out I had a yeast candida overgrowth as well as other digestion markers that were out of balance, plus not enough good bacteria.  Monica worked through the test results and the questionnaire I’d completed for her and put together a meal plan, plus some supplements to deal with the infection and imbalances.  It’s been two months and I’ve noticed a big improvement, less gas and bloating.  I’m not feeling the constant discomfort I used to get almost all the time after a meal.

Tom R, Salisbury 2021

I’ve learned a lot from my consultations with Monica.  I’ve always eaten healthily but in some circumstances more is needed.  I’m very happy with the plan she’s put together and it’s clear that she really cares about her clients.

H. C. Dorset, 2021

Having undertaken the standard medical route for persistent gut problems, I was becoming increasingly unwell and made the decision to consult Monica.
After completing a laboratory test recommended by Monica we were able to establish the source of the gut issues and embark on a course of treatment immediately.
After a couple of months of both supplements and a strict diet I felt entirely different with high energy levels and a feeling of well being.
The gut issues have been totally resolved.
Monica is professional, supportive and has an excellent depth of knowledge in the nutritional field. I would thoroughly recommend her services.

Anne F, Dorset, 2020

I’ve just had my follow-up consultation with Monica.  She’s so easy to talk to and has so much knowledge and experience that she shares freely.

After having breast cancer 3 years ago Monica has helped me strengthen my immune system.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Julie D, Dorset, 2019

As a mum of three young children I came to Monica knowing I was rather run down and that it was time I focussed a little more on improving the fuel I was giving to my body.  I opted for some lab tests before the consult and these were very helpful.  With the results Monica was able to target the supplements recommended to elimate an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria/yeast and boost the beneficial gut flora.  Monica then guided me as to what I should be eliminating and increasing in my diet to enable me to maintain a more healthy life style….For a start I knew I was eating far too much sugar and it would’ve been easy to feel judged, but Monica’s friendly approach meant I felt comfortable discussing issues with her and confident going forward to rebalance my approach to meals.

Joanna S. Winchester, 2019

Monica guided us through a week of sensible detox eating.  Her recipes were delicious, her online support and encouragement are fab.  I became a client as a result. Distance is not an issue (I’m an expat living in California…… When I need to talk to Monica as opposed to just emailing, we skype, which works well.  If you’re looking for an in-depth, non-medical approach to nutritional issues, I have no hesitation in recommending Monica

Maggie L, Bay Area, California

Seeing Monica has totally changed my life.  It’s been amazing learning about nutrition and auto immunity and so far I’m managing my condition successfully (Rheumatoid arthritis) without medication and with Monica’s advice and my own will power!  It’s been truly life changing.

Janice Murphy, Somerset, 2016

I finally feel  that I am getting somewhere in understanding what has been going on with me for the last 3.5 years!  Moreover, for the first time I feel that the problem has been isolated and there is a way to address it.  [Both types of laboratory tests revealed problems: imbalances in the gut and adrenal issues].  I know I’m getting older and that I will never feel as fit as I once did, but I was convinced that my symptoms were not just down to ageing, and the laboratory results confirmed that.  Thank you for your support and for helping me find the root cause.

Jeff Moffat, Dorset, 2017

Thank you for saving my tummy!  I thought it was my over-active mind ruining my stomach but I realised it was the other way round.  I was a little sceptical at first but liked the way you dealt with the ‘know my own body’ attitude, and I really wanted something to work.  I listened and followed your recommendations, left out some foods that I was eating, cut back on alcohol and took the supplements to sort out the gut problems that the lab test showed.  After three weeks I already felt the effects!  I stuck to most of the changes and have felt so much better since then.

A year on, and I just had a follow up to go through the lab retest.  I’m so happy the results show no infections and prove why I feel better; they’d all been off the scale bad a year ago.  My stomach feels lighter and emptier and not a gurgling acidic mess.  I’m sleeping through the night and my mood has changed because of it.  I’ll continue to follow your suggestions as this is life changing stuff!

Pete H., Devon, 2017