Detoxathon time again

detox-heartAppleaday is running another Detoxathon starting March 24th.    There’s still time to do the guided lead-in to prepare you for the five days of clean-eating.

This is about  discovering the nutrients which support a healthy liver and body detoxification, and about dropping some old habits which are doing your health no favours.  During the event there will be daily emails and facebook postings about specific food benefits and lifestyle tips to make your cleanse successful.

The Detoxothon is not about fasting, nor is it a juice-only ‘diet’, although juices do figure daily in the menu plan, either as snacks or as a breakfast option.

A menu plan, recipes and a shopping list are all provided to make it easier.   There will also be alternative suggestions for some of the daily meal recipes, with a check list of ‘allowable’ foods (new this time to the Detoxathon), in case you want to replace some of the ingredients to suit your palette and diet.

The lead-in sheets are sent prior to the event; they offer a greater store of information than last year’s event, namely how to track your progress using your BMI and Waist:Hip ratio as well as a symptom questionnaire and ‘journaling’;  also in the lead-in are the lists of foods to gradually reduce and increase before the event; some useful online stores to obtain some of the new ingredients as well as recommendations regarding juicers, water filters and ‘greener’ home products…lots of ideas to make the Detoxathon easy and enjoyable.

In order to keep this an affordable, community event the cost is £10 for the 5 days.  For anyone unable to do the full five days (away on holiday…or just too busy at the moment) you can still do the event, receive the emails and see the facebook  posts – but do it when you have 5 clear days.

Joining is easy.  Just email (or call on the mobile below), and I’ll send you the registration form, payment details and lead-in sheets. The menu plan for the days you’ve signed up for, plus the shopping list, can be sent soon after so that you can buy your fresh vegetables, spices and pulses!

There will be daily group emails (plus info on the appleaday facebook page), with health information relevant to a detox, which will also provide a platform for you to share experiences and ideas.

The detoxathon last year had great feedback – weight loss, increased energy levels and less dependence on the daily caffeine and sugar hits!  I’m looking forward to another inspiring group of participants.

Email:  ; mobile 0777 846 5222.  Or leave a comment showing your interest on the appleaday facebook page:

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