Fig chutney

Finding different ways to prepare and cook summer’s ripe vegetables and fruit is an important part of seasonal eating.
At the moment fig trees here in Greece are laden, so we’re eating them daily (never thought I’d say I’m figged out!)
Delicious when freshly chopped in muesli, added to smoothies or salads, or with cheese, but as I want to preserve as many as possible – not let the wasps eat them all! – I’m also stewing them to freeze, drying them in the sun and making chutneys, a definite favourite and so very easy.
It’s summer here, too hot for Moroccan stews, but that could be something for the winter, adding some of the lightly stewed figs you’ve cooked and popped in the freezer now.

This chutney started off as on online BBC food recipe but it was somehow lacking, plus the figs here are so sweet, most of the online recipes had too much added sugar.   That’s something to bear in mind.  Adjust to the sweetness of the figs in your part of the world!

Honey rather than sugar gives a chutney another scrummy layer especially if you use your local honey, raw honey or perhaps even Arbutus honey with its sweet-bitter taste.
I kept the chilli in this recipe to a small ‘kick;’ just enough to make it less jammy.  Very individual whether you want chilli in it at all – or if you want to add even more.  You could always start small and work up, like I did.
Chutney isn’t just an addition to cheese or a ploughman’s lunch!  It can be added to steamed veg or to a stir fry or enjoyed alongside roast meats, chicken or turkey, very delicious.
I’m loving it topped on my almond butter toast here!  I hope you get lots of mileage from the scrummy recipe x


For a 1/2 litre Kilner jar (or a tad more so you can eat some straight away 🙂

400g fresh ripe figs, chopped
120 ml apple cider vinegar
1 organic apple, cored and chopped (peel first if not organic)
1 red onion, finely chopped
50g sultanas or raisins
1 heaped tbs honey (or more depending on your figs’ sweetness)
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cardamom
1 (less or more) red chilli, seeds removed and finely chopped
1 tsp sea salt


Put all the ingredients into a pot and simmer uncovered for about 1 hour.  Spoon into a sterilised Kilner jar or empty glass jar.  As easy as that!