Vegan gf/df brownies with cashew cream

I’ve now baked these brownies four times and each time they surprise me.  Such a different process and appearance to my traditional beetroot/egg batter that I have a moment of doubt: has it worked?
Yes, every time!
Just keep in mind, with no eggs or flour the end result can look more like a slice, so do use a small tray or tin to give it a chunkier appearance.

I originally found this recipe on the Rebel kitchen website – yum! – but decided on some different amounts; a couple of changed ingredients.
It’s one of those easy recipes you can whip up at the last minute (as long as you have the ingredients in your cupboard!)
Only the cashews for the cream need some forethought as they should soak at least 4 hours, ideally overnight.

No flour, no eggs, hence no rise, although there is a token 1/2 tsp of gf baking powder, which I suspect could be left out (next time…)  Hence I use a small lined tin (18cm) or tray so that when it comes to cutting into small squares they have a lovely inch height to them.
Moist, owing to the dates & almond butter.  Very chocolatey.
What else does a brownie need to be?

brownie for website



40g melted coconut oil
100g ground almonds
200g cooked chestnuts (I use vacuum packed, eg Porter Foods)
6 pitted Medjool dates
1tbsp almond butter
2tsp vanilla extract
150g dairy free dark chocolate, melted
2tbsp cocoa powder
1/2tsp gf baking powder
1 heaped tbsp coconut sugar/nectar (eg Tiana) or any sugar of your choice
Icing Sugar for dusting (optional)

Cashew cream:

200g cashews, soaked min 4 hrs, ideally overnight
Water, add slowly to get the consistency of cream (& not concrete!)
2tbsp maple syrup
juice of 1/2 lemon
2tsp vanilla essence
pinch sea salt


Note that this batter is thick and won’t pour.  I spoon into the tin, then press firmly down to the edges, the same way I would a soft pastry.  Dampen your hands if the batter’s too sticky.

Blitz the melted coconut oil and chestnuts in a food processor or other efficient high speed blender.  Add the chopped soft dates, pulse again, and then the melted chocolate, ground almonds, baking powder, cocoa and vanilla essence.  Blend well, then add the salt and sugar until it is all mixed in.
Spoon-‘n-press the batter into your cake or tray tin and bake about 20-25 mins in a 150C degree oven until the edges darken.

Cashew cream:

Mix the soaked and softened cashews with the lemon juice, maple syrup and a little water in your food processor.
Add the vanilla essence and salt, then drizzle more water into the mixture until it has a creamy consistency.
Dollop some on or beside your brownie – or on anything else that will profit from a delicious creamy texture (chopped fruit on your nut muesli or porridge?  How decadent… 🙂


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