Eggs with chard or spinach


This recipe was on my website a while back, but seems to have vanished, so due to request, here it is again – unfortunately the photo of mine steamed the camera (!) so here’s a spinach version (without tomatoes…but you get the drift 🙂

Chard is a great fibre source, plus it’s packed with vitamin C and is a good source of calcium, vitamin K, magnesium and vitamin A (beta-carotene).

The trick is not to overcook so it still has life and ‘green’ – have your eggs at hand.

We like a touch of spice in our foods. I’ve used harissa here, which is chilli/peppers based. Add a tablespoon or replace the harissa kick with a good addition of crushed garlic – or just eat as is.

(Serves 4)
2 small red onions, finely sliced
150g red chard, or 200g spinach leaves, cut into shreds, red stems and leaves
1 generous cup water – or Marigold stock broth
2 tbsp harissa – optional; or garlic if you prefer
4 chopped tomatoes (or ½ can organic tomatoes)
freshly ground pepper
4 organic eggs
8 basil leaves, roughly chopped


Add the finely sliced onions to a medium hot pan of hot broth/water and cook until soft.  Add the harissa – and/or garlic – plus and tomatoes, then add the chard, stirring well to mix with the onions and tomatoes.

As the chard begins to wilt and flatten have your spoon ready to make the 4 ‘nests’ for the eggs. There should be a generous bed of tomato/greens in your pan so that the eggs aren’t just being fried directly on the pan surface. I made quite deep nests, pushing the chard aside in order to cook my eggs on a layer of juice and chopped tomatoes. Cooking the eggs on top of the chard will take longer – and chard loses its charm when overcooked!

Once the eggs are cooked to your taste scatter the basil leaves over the top and add freshly ground pepper.

Use an egg slice to cut a square of tomato-greens with the egg in the centre – and that’s it, so easy.

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