Delicious gf/df teff pancakes

Brown teff flour has become a real favourite of mine!  I buy it online from Shipton Mill; easy to work with and it has a delicious flavour.
Teff grain is gluten free and native to Ethiopia where it’s used to make the flour for their Injera fermented bread or pancakes.  I found this recipe in Naomi Devlin’s book, “Food for a happy gut”, but replaced her dairy ingredients with coconut yoghurt & milk to see if the pancakes would still work – they did!
The recipe is easy and quick but you need to plan ahead as the intial combination of milk, yoghurt and flour has to sit at least 6 hours.  I whisked these together just before bedtime the night before, covered the bowl with a tea towel ready to mix in the rest the next morning and cook up a storm for breakfast.

My first pancake is always wonky, whatever flour I use, but after that I was flying and made about 10 – all odd shapes as you can see by the photo 🙂
They freeze easily (just defrost and warm up in a dry, hot pan), so I’ll be trying out Naomi’s burrito recipe soon as well.
We ate ours with soft boiled eggs, grilled tamari mushrooms, shredded greens and smoked salmon, yummm.

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130g brown teff flour
300ml coconut milk
1 tbsp coconut yoghurt (from fermented young coconuts, not coconut-flavoured dairy yoghurt!)
2 organic eggs
30-40g black sesame seeds
large pinch of sea salt
light olive oil or coconut oil for frying


Plan ahead!
You need to whisk together the milk, flour and yoghrut at least 6 hours before you want to make the pancakes.  Leave at room temperature for up to 24 hours.
When you’re ready to cook, whisk in the eggs, salt and sesame seeds – add more milk if the batter is too thick.  Brush a frying pan with olive, pour in some pancake batter and swirl to give you a thin crepe – with preferably a nice round shape, unlike mine 🙂
Cook for about 2-3 minutes on the first side, then carefully loosen and flip over for another minute.
Keep warm in a low oven using baking or greaseproof paper between each pancake so they don’t stick, or freeze up to a month if you want to make wraps or burritos at a later date; just defrost at room temperature and warm in a dry frying pan.

Enjoy with fruit and more coconut yoghurt, or stewed apples, or savoury pancakes with a chicken filling, or with eggs….anything really.
Have fun!

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