The Appleaday Detoxathon: Why do you choose the foods you do?

Food affects more than just your physical body.  It has an impact on your emotional world, your thoughts, mind and your overall feeling of wellness.  Along with water, air, sleep and sex, food is one of the most important aspects of survival.  You need it to exist, to function and to thrive.

You know all this – or do you?
The western world is becoming sicker.  Too many people are making poor food choices, becoming obese, with fat-layered inner organs and congested arteries, and suffering from fatigue or aching joints and numerous other complaints.  With all the hype and media about healthy eating – TV programmes, articles, books – surely we should be in the know by now!

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And yet, many people in the western world don’t really think about what they’re eating, and when they do think, it’s bizarrely unlikely they’re thinking about the nutrients they should be consuming in order to thrive, inorder to feel well.

Food choices are so often governed by advertising and marketing,  or monetary concerns, time constraints, habits or even trends.  The concept of Food Choice, however, is far more interesting than this!

When you come home after work, and you’re starving,…or when you’re in front of the open fridge at 10pm, what are you wanting to eat?  What do you reach for first, and do you know why?  Are you always drawn to the same foods?  Is this just habit?  Or is there something else in play, something you’re not aware of?  Which foods make you feel safe and comforted, and which foods give you a buzz of energy?
This is all important stuff – the stuff of survival, the stuff of longevity.  And these are all valid questions to which you should have some answers at least.  And yet….

This September, appleaday will be running its annual cusp-of-season Detoxathon.  Five days of clean eating with new recipes and food shopping lists and a menu plan to make it as easy as possible for you.

However, this autumn weI’ll also be looking at the bigger picture, so that when your five days are over, you will have a better understanding of why you choose the foods you do – and how to take new, healthier, habits into your future.

As always, the menu will include foods to support your digestion, and those to give a super boost to your liver, with nutrient-rich yum recipes to help your body detoxify naturally.
A week of healthy eating to feel energised and lifted – and to feel that halo sit perfectly on your head!  And all in the company (well…online company) of myself and like-minded detoxathoners – easier and more enjoyable than doing it alone.

During the week I’ll share some sparky thoughts on the significance of food’s colour, shape and texture; what it means to many, and what it might mean to you.  Also, some chat about the more unusual toxins in your life, as well as intolerance foods: the typical, and the not-so-typical culprits; foods which may be the root cause of your digestive discomfort, which will then be having a ripple effect on your mood and subsequently tilt your outlook on life.  Truly good health is about seeing the connections to the Whole you.

By understanding more about the foods you eat, you will be in a position to make considered and mindful choices.  Food will gain your respect, and it, in turn, will make you feel better.  Body weight and form can then shift, and affect a visual – and mental – change.  Your self-image will beam, and this will shape how you interact with the world, and how the world will interact with you.

All correlative aspects of an underlying whole.
All correlative aspects of you.  A whole you making healthier food choices.

If you’d like to find out more about the Detoxathon, details can be found under the following link, or the ‘workshop’ section of this website.





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