Broad bean spinach quiche (gf/df)

Before the month of May whizzes by, and the Coronation is but a distant memory, I’m sharing this Coronation quiche recipe which was devised by royal chef Mark Flanagan to mark the occasion.

I don’t know why I was surprised how delicious it is, possibly because I’m not a fan of  Coronation Chicken, a recipe to mark Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953.  I mistakenly assumed all things foodie to do with Coronations might be blah.
Not so!

I stuck to the recipe, then unstuck it and made a gluten & dairy free with more of the greens (no surprise), and more tarragon as it is one of those lesser used wonderfully aromatic herbs which can lift recipes to the next level (unless you don’t like tarragon in which case please replace with the finely chopped herb you love).

This quiche is super delicious.  And since broad beans are now in season here in UK till late summer it’ll be on my May and June’s Non-Coronation menus as well.


Serves 6

250g ready-made gluten-free shortcrust pastry (or Naomi Devlin’s delicious gf version from her River Cottage cookbook, a must for all gluten freers; you can also watch her make it on youtube here )


150 ml mix of oat and almond milk, or you own plant-based choice
150ml oat cream
2 eggs
100g vegan cheddar, grated (I used Violife)
200g cooked spinach, squeezed dry and lightly chopped
80-100g cooked broad beans, either frozen or fresh depending on season
1 heaped tbsp fresh tarragon
sea salt and ground pepper to your taste


Flour the surface and roll out your pastry slightly larger than the circular size of your 20cm tart dish.  Line your dish with baking paper and gently lift your circle and press it into the dish (if using regular gluten pastry you pop it in the fridge for 1/2 hour after rolling to let the gluten rest and relax so it keeps its shape).

Bake blind, with weighted baking paper on top, 180 or 160 degrees fan, until lightly golden, about 20 minutes.  Let rest whilst you make the filling.

Beat the milk, eggs, cream and add the chopped tarrgaon and some sea salt and ground pepper.

Scatter 1/2 the grated cheese on the baked base, then top with your cooked/squeezed spinach and cooked broad beans, finally pouring your milky-eggy herb mixture on top.
Finish by sprinkling the remaining cheese on top.

Place in the oven for about 40 mins, or until it’s set and a pale golden colour.

Serve with any salad or salds of your choice and enjoy!